RQ-8A Fully Automated Strapping Machine
RQ-8A-RQ-8A Fully Automated Strapping Machine The RQ-8A is the fully automatic model of the dependable RQ-8 series of strapping machines. It is available in 2, 3, 4 and 6 tabletop belt configurations to match various package sizes. The belt top of the RQ-8A is unique in the industry. The narrow belts ride between tabletop side guides and flanged pulleys. This eliminates tracking problems and related premature belt wear.

The conveyor speed is variable, from 32 to 98 feet per minute. An inverter system makes it safe and easy to adjust the belt speed.

The standard RQ-8A allows selection of 0, 1 or 2 straps. Optional automation packages are available to provide a variety of automatic strap placements.

Self-correcting technology, standard on all RQ-8A models is vital in fully automatic applications. Strap feed failures refeed three times, keeping the RQ-8A operating when minor strap problems are encountered. When the machine cycles accidentally without a package, the strap forms a small loop that is automatically ejected from the sealing head, leaving the RQ-8A ready for the next package

Capable of applying 2 straps to over twelve 24 packages per minute, the RQ-8A will easily exceed most production requirements. The integrated, self-diagnostic monitoring system displays vital machine functions and settings for easy maintenance. When customer satisfaction depends on reliable operation and low maintenance, the RQ-8A is the perfect choice.

Please see below to see a video of the machine in use.