An Innovation Leader Keeping Brick and Block Customers Competitive

Samuel Strapping Systems offers the Brick and Block industry a wealth of experience in overcoming the challenges of transporting of brick, block and stone. Our products can help you to ensure that your final package maintains its integrity and ease of handling – both on route and in the yard. Our comprehensive line of strapping and unitizing solutions, from steel and industrial strength polyester strapping, tools and accessories, bar coding solutions, general purpose machines, to large turnkey fully automated strapping systems, are specifically designed to keep you competitive.

Our industrial strength polyester strapping, a cost-effective alternative to steel, demonstrates Samuel’s commitment to innovation. This high strength product has emerged as a viable alternative to steel, with more footage per coil providing savings in storage and machine downtime. Additional benefits are ease of disposal for your customer and a reduction in injuries caused by sharp strap edges. If you are interested in converting to industrial strength polyester strapping, Samuel’s step-by-step approach makes your conversion process easy and cost-effective. Our “Conversion Package” incorporates the latest technology to deliver the most cost-effective benefits available in the industry.