Samuel Bale Tying Solutions for the Cotton and Synthetic Fiber Industries

Samuel Strapping Systems offers the Cotton and Synthetic fiber industries a wealth of experience in overcoming the challenges of tying and transporting fiber bales. Our products can help you to ensure that your final package maintains its integrity and ease of handling – both in the warehouse or in route to the mill. Our reliable systems are adaptable to any fiber baling press and are designed around our high strength industrial polyester strapping. Our state of the art systems are available in an Up-Packing configuration (P600), with or without doors, in a Down-Packing Liftbox application, or on a BesPress.

Compared to other fully automatic systems available, the unique capabilities of these systems are their speed, the ability to join tie ends on the ball of the bale and the proven reliability and durability that is incorporated into all Samuel products.

Samuel baling systems are designed for use with high performance polyester strapping manufactured to exacting strength specifications to secure any baled fiber requirements.

Preferred by mills processing baled fiber and fiber producers alike, Samuel polyester provides:

  • Higher performance reliability in fully automatic baling systems than steel bands/ties.
  • Safer workplace environments for bale producers and receivers.
  • Ease of disposal through established stream of plastics recyclers – actually pay for it!
  • Strapping/tie bale material which is corrosion free and can’t stain fiber
  • Unparalleled fiber bale delivery quality when applied with Samuel Fully Automatic Systems.

The Cotton & Fiber Group will be attending the following shows in 2012:

Mid-South Farm & Gin Supply Exhibit, Memphis, TN – March 2-3 Booths 406-409
Lubbock Gin Show, Lubbock, TX – March 29-30 Booths 16-19

We cordially invite you to visit our exhibition booths.

See Samuel’s fully automatic bale tying systems for up-packing, lift-box, and BesPress balers, the leader in bale tying equipment.