MEC DAGI-1800 Automated Coil Wrapping Machine
MEC DAGI-1800-MEC DAGI-1800 Automated Coil Wrapping Machine If you're in the metal industry and regularly produce steel and aluminum coils, then Samuel Strapping Systems has the perfect solution for you. Our automated MEC DAGI-1800 coil wrapping machine can quickly package metal coils for shipment with a consistently high level of quality.

The MEC DAGI-1800 uses up to three material dispensing shuttles, which run a track through the eye of the coil and around the outside, to apply the packaging material at speeds of up to 20 coils / hour. Rollers underneath the coil rotate the product during the wrapping process, which allow for complete packaging coverage. The machine can accommodate multiple types of packaging, from stretch wrap to paper to woven fabric. Each of the dispensing shuttles can carry separate types of material, so different materials can be applied at the same time in one pass.

The MEC DAGI-1800ís automated system allows for significant savings on labor, allowing you to reassign workers to more valuable tasks. It also guarantees consistent packaging integrity, as each revolution is calibrated to make tight, even applications of the wrapping material. This protects the finish of valuable steel and aluminum products from moisture and corrosion, as well as scratches that may be incurred during handling.